A. Project Assistant

1. International trade, business, logistics and other economic and trade majors; English, Russian, French, Spanish, Burmese and other foreign languages; mechanical, energy, electrical, civil, cost, structural engineering, electronic and communication engineering and other science and engineering majors; investment, financial engineering, finance and international finance and other financial majors; Bachelor degree or above;
2. Strong Chinese and English expression ability, strong logic, strong communication ability;
3. Accept domestic and foreign business trip or resident.


B.  Financial Assistant

1. Major in finance, accounting and finance, bachelor degree or above;
2. Have strong writing and communication skills;
3. Internship experience in accounting firm or overseas resident is preferred.

C   E-commerce

1. Good oral English skills;
2. Familiar with basic business reception etiquette;
3. Good at communication, strong executive ability, strong learning and acceptance ability;
Job description:
1. Business department translation and communication of external mail;
2. Assist the general manager and business manager to receive foreign visitors, introduce the company's basic information, products and technology patents;
3. Use and management of e-commerce platform (you can participate in professional training of e-commerce, and take up the post after passing the study);