PVC Processing Aids

General processing aids

General processing aids

Type:General processing aids

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General acrylic processing aids developed by our company are actually acrylate copolymer,its basic function is to promote the fusion of PVC compound for obtaining perfect fusion state under temperature as lower as possible so as to endow PVC finished products with excellent mechanical properties, color and surface glossiness.
Typical physical properties:

Items Unit
General processing aid (types)
ZZ-115 zz-110 zz-118 zz-111
Appearance - White powder White powder White powder White powder
Volatile content %≤ 1.3 1.3 1.3 1.3
Bulk density g/cm3 0.35-0.55 0.45±0.05 0.45±0.05 0.45±0.05
Intrinsic Viscosity η 4.5-6.5 5.0-5.5 5.0-6.0 2.5-3.0
remarks Equivalent to K-125 Equivalent to K-120N Equivalent to PA828 Equivalent to PA210
Products advantages:
1.faster fusion
2.good compatibility with PVC resin
3.uniform particle size and lower dust
4.high output rate
25kg/bag with PP valve bag with PE liner
or 600kg/sack PP bag with PE liner.
Suggestions for use:
General processing aid are used to produce all kinds of opaque PVC products, such as PVC profile, PVC pipe, pipe fitting and PVC fencing etc.
Recommended using dosage:0.8-2.0kg per 100kg PVC resin